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It begins with the writing

While TEC Publishing explores new ways to tell a story, TEC's owner, Tom Chmielewski, is at heart a writer with more than 30 years experience.

He currently writes for several regional magazines, and has edited a non-fiction book on contract. Tom is available for feature assignments, and editing for features and books.

Create Magazine named Tom the "Master Wordsmith of the Midwest" in the publication's Editor's Choice Awards announced in spring of 2008.

“Tom never ceases to impress with his dedication to clarity and readability,” said Create Magazine Editor Dana R. DeLapi. “His stories are always stacked with good information and complement the style of the magazine to a tee.”

It doesn't stop with writing

In producing Celebration at the Sarayi, TEC Publishing brought together many creative people with varied and polished talents.

If you have a project that needs more than just a writer, give us a call. We've gained experience in putting together multi-media projects, and know how to find the right people for the right job.



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