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Full interactive version of Celebration at the Sarayi available again

The interactive, multimedia cookbook Celebration at the Sarayi, is avaialble again with all its enhanced featuress. The work, which resurrects ancient Turkish recipes from the 16th century Ottoman Empire, includes audio, video and pop-up notes in a fully interactive experience.

To purchase Celebration at the Sarayi as a download, please use the "pay now" button below. To read the ebook with all its features intact, please use the free Adobe Reader.

Celebration at the Saray, by Channon Mondoux.

Price: $9.99

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Celebration at the Sarayi now available as an iPad App

You can now view Channon Mondoux's e-cookbook Celebration at the Sarayi as an Apple iPad App. Available for purchase in the iTunes App Store for both the iPad and the iPhone, the app came as a result of cooperation between TEC Publishing and the Korean company Unidocs, maker of ezPDF Reader, the first app that allows an iPad user to view multimedia features embeded in a PDF.

The new app combines the features of ezPDF with the multimedia presentation of Celebration at the Sarayi in one purchase. The second edition of Mondoux's resurrection of historic recipes from the 16th century Ottoman Empire makes it easy for you to load the e-cookbook onto a iPad and bring it to the kitchen counter to try for yourself the dishes once served in the palace of S├╝leyman the Magnificent.

See more information and purchase the Celebration at the Sarayi app at the iTunes app store.

The second edition remains available to purchase as a PDF download from this website. The PDF version can be read on a computer or on an iPad or Android tablets with the separate purchase of ezPDF. See the Publishing/eBooks page for more information Celebration at the Sarayi and to purchase.

TEC's first eBook wins silver medal in national Living Now awards

eBook cover

Independent Publisher's Living Now Awards presented Celebration at the Sarayi a silver medal in its Ethnic Cookbook category.

The awards were announced in Spring 2009 on the Independent Publisher website at independentpublisher.com.

The first eBook published by TEC Publishing, Celebration at the Sarayi is a multi-media exploration of exotic recipes from the 16th century Ottoman Empire.

You can see and hear the difference as soon as you click on the title pages. Listen as our storyteller invites you to travel back in time to the palace of Suleyman the Magnificent in Istanbul, against a backdrop of historic images of life in Ottoman capital. Chef Channon Mondoux adapts recipes from that time, and shows in demonstration videos techniques to make these recipes come alive in your kitchen.

The multi-media capabilities of Celebration at the Sarayi make this work stand out from standard eBooks, and stand out on its own and excel in competition with standard books.

Click on the image to go to our eBooks page and sample this tantalizing eCookbook. You can place your order online as a download, or have it delivered on a CD.

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