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Tom Chmielewski
Editor and Publisher

P.O. Box 19282
Kalamazoo, MI 49019

(269) 978-8182

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TEC publishes its first eBook

Despite their promise, eBooks have been slow to become accepted because they have been slow to meet their goal of "approaching" the experience of reading a printed book.

At TEC Publishing, we say the heck with that goal, and instead look to create a whole new experience which takes advantage of the interactive capabilities of electronic media. We tell a story that can be read, can be heard, can be seen through motion graphics, and engages the user through all the senses.

Tom ChmielewskiTEC Publishing was created by Tom Chmielewski to produce a theater magazine for the Midwest during the '90s. The small company also began work as a custom publisher to produce a trade magazine for a national business association.

Tom put TEC on hiatus when he went to work for a Milwaukee publisher to edit a Web site for five magazines. It was there that he saw the possibilities in new media to tell a story in a different way. When Tom returned to Michigan, he resurrected TEC for his freelance work, but began planning a more advanced way to produce an eBook. His ideas won an award from the Great Lakes Entrepreneur Quest, a Michigan organization to foster the growth of new business. Celebration at the Sarayi is the first implementation of those ideas.

Tom Chmielewski has been a writer and editor for many years, working in newspapers, magazines and the Internet. He has always put a value on collaboration in producing creative endeavors, and TEC Publishing reflects that priority on collaboration.



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